Bengali Association of Greater Atlanta

remembering the past, going with the future

BAGA Cultural Club

The BAGA Cultural Club (BCC) is the vibrant heart of our Bengali community in greater Atlanta. It plays a vital role in:

Preserving and Promoting Culture: The BCC showcases our rich heritage through events, exhibitions, and workshops celebrating Bengali arts, music, dance, literature, and traditions.

Building Community: The BCC offers a welcoming space for Bengalis to connect, share experiences, and celebrate their shared identity.

Education and Awareness: The BCC spreads knowledge about Bengali history, practices, and traditions to strengthen cultural understanding.

Social Cohesion: By fostering belonging and pride, the BCC strengthens bonds within our community.

Cultural Exchange: The BCC promotes dialogue and collaboration with other communities, enriching cross-cultural experiences.

The BCC's work ensures our Bengali heritage thrives while cultivating a sense of connection and understanding

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Present Executive Committee

Mr. Dipankar Chatterjee

Mr. Anirban Ghatak
(Vice President)

Ms. Debarati Deb
(Vice President)

Mr. Dibakar Chandra
(Vice President)

Ms. Sangita Nandi
(Vice President)

Mr. Somnath Dey
(Vice President)

Mr. Rajib Auddy