Bengali Association of Greater Atlanta

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BAGA continues its effort making this world a better place. BAGA raises fund for charitable activities. To know more details about BAGA's charitable activities, please read the following charitable projects of BAGA.

The BAGA Youth Committee participated in a holiday food drive event with Atlanta Union Mission. The team raised money from BAGA members and patrons for turkeys and canned good items. This year a total of $480 was raised. Thanks to all who donated towards this benevolent work. With that money we bought 32 Turkeys and spend the rest $250 towards canned food. On the day of the event, 17 November 2018 a team of 16 BAGA volunteers reached Atlanta Union Mission:The Shepherd's Inn location early in the morning. There the team helped by organizing can donations, prepping the kitchen, and serving a delicious Thanksgiving meal to the many people that showed up. We are very proud of our efforts and are happy to keep this yearly tradition of ours going!

The volunteers were: Projeet Mukherjee, Sohawm Sengupta, Angan Samadder, Eesha Mukherjee, Arushi Guin, Suvra Majumder, Partha Mukherjee, Arka Pandit, Moumita Ganguly, Amartya Samadder, Reshmi Mukherjee, Anshuman Guin, Chandan Dutta, Papiya Dutta, Dharmajyoti Bhaumik and Mousumi Karanjee. Click for details

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